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SQL Server Reporting Services Timeout

The other day we ran in to an issue where the report was running 30 minutes, this may be the only report that we have that runs this long, but then it fails. The only error message was “Report processing has been canceled by the user. (rsProcessingAborted), but after checking, no one canceled the report processing. What just happened?

It was determined that the Report timeout option was set to “Use the default setting” like most of our reports are.


Well, where is this default setting and what is it set to? The default settings timeout is set in the site settings page of your SQL Services Reporting Services and it was set to 1800 seconds or as you guessed, 30 minutes.


You have two options to fix the the timeout issue.

1. Change the default settings timeout for the whole site in the site settings page.

2. Change the Report timeout setting just for that report. This is done by going to the report, clicking the … and choosing manage.

You then scroll down to Advanced and either choose “Allow the report to run for (add amount of seconds here) seconds before timing out” and changing the seconds to a higher value that will allow the report to run or choose the “Allow the report to run indefinitely (no timeout)” option.


Click Apply and your report should not complete.




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Starting Again!

I was recently talking with a co-worker and he was talking about creating a blog, and I had mentioned that I have had a blog since 2007. Which got me thinking that I have not done a blog post in at least a year. So, I decided to try and start the blog back up. Unfortunately, it looks like all of my old posts are gone.

Most of the content of this blog will be about Microsoft Business Intelligence tools, SQL Server and a few other technology items.

Let’s hope I can keep this blog updated.

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